A big rainbow on the Upper Williamson River, Oregon

I did a “guys fishing trip” to Yamsi Ranch to fish the Upper Williamson River in Southern Oregon 4 years ago.  I was fishing a 7′  6″  medium-fast action 5 wt Freestone Series bamboo rod this day.  For this video, I set my video camera on a tripod and just set it to run. There was a great mahogany dun hatch going on, as well as hoppers everywhere.  So, I was fishing a #12 flashback pheasant tail nymph as a dropper under my Dave’s Hopper pattern.  It didn’t take long before a very large rainbow swallowed my nymph  dropper and the fight was on.  It took a while to get this big guy in so I’ve fast forwarded some of the video to get you to the end.