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Four Series of Rods 1-sized and cropped (580x416)

Bamboo fly rods are all about craftsmanship, tradition, and the incredible feel they elicit in your hands.  My goal is to create the finest quality rods I can, that cast well in a variety of fishing conditions.  I spend upwards of 80 hours hand crafting each rod, and I cut no corners along the way.  I am intent on superior quality, precision, and attention to detail in my building process.  The styles and tapers I use are modeled after the master rod designers.  I use the highest quality Tonkin bamboo, reel seat hardware, ferrules, guides, and fine silk thread for wraps that are available.  My traditional offering of rods includes several that I have confidence with and that I feel can meet your desires for rod action and feel.  I’m also very open to talking with you about additional rod styles, tapers, and actions.

Single-Hand Rods – I offer 4 different series of single-hand bamboo fly rods.  First, there is my Spring Creek Series Rods, characterized as slow to medium action rods that excel at delicate presentations. My Signature Series Rods are progressive tapers that possess an elegantly smooth casting action ideal for many different water conditions.  My FreeStone Series Rods are medium-fast action for those anglers wanting a little more punch in their rods.  And my EuroNymphing Series Rods have been designed as longer, slow action rods that excel at lob/roll type casting typically found in Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish style nymphing.

Stripping Guides - sized and cropped (580x249)

All my rods included blued ferrules, Brazilian agate stripping guides, bronzed snake guides, two color tipping on wraps, custom rod sock, and aluminum and brass rod tube.

Reel Seat Hardware 1-sized and cropped (580x445)

I am now pleased to announce that I’m partnering with Chet Croco of Bellingers and John Hyde of Yamsi Silver to offer Classic or Custom Engraved reel seat hardware on all rods at no additional cost.

I turn all my wood reel seats on a lathe in my shop.  It’s especially enjoyable for me to match the grains and the colors of the woods I use to compliment the bamboo and the silk wraps on each rod.  Wood reel seats on any rod can be changed to:  Tiger Maple, Maple Burl, Ebony, Figured English Walnut, Pink Ivory, Tulip Wood, Bocote, Rosewood, or African Mahogany.  Several other colors for silk thread wrapping are also available.

Two-Handed Trout Spey Rods – I now offer Bamboo Trout Spey Rods designed to swing streamers, soft-hackles, and skate dry flies for larger trout. I build two different tapers, with ideal grain windows ranging from 250 to 325 grains.  These rods are 10′  6″ in length, and are built as 3 piece rods.  These rods have a medium, progressive rod action.

0221 (580x436)

4 thoughts on “My Fly Rods

  1. I have some old bamboo rods that are probably over 50 years old. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in having them. Not sure if they are even worth the effort.
    I live in the Newport area.


    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for the memo. I hear this often. Most “old bamboo rods” are in less-than good condition. If they are worth getting fixed up, there are plenty of guys around who do great refurbishment work on old rods. Often, these old rods aren’t worth investing the money into getting them fixed. But, once in a while, I see one that is worth it. Or, if they are worth significant dollars in their current condition, there are plenty of collectors who would be interested in buying them as-is. How about this…why don’t you look at the rods and give me a little into…I’m happy to give you my opinion on their value. Take a look at any writing/engraving on the metal reel seat, or any writing/decals on the rod just in front of the cork grip. Just email me that info at [email protected] and I’ll give you my opinion. If you have something of value, I can forward you on to someone who might be interested.


  2. Dear Dave…
    I noted your entry in the bamboo rod section of my
    computer, and it made me quite interested, since I have had some
    experience in bulding from blanks, quite a few fly and casting rods.
    My latest rods were some rod blanks purchased from Bruce Herndon
    maybe you are familiar with him. I am told that he is no longer in the n
    business, so, if I am going to furnish any rods to my relatives, I decided to
    contact you. Do you ever furnish bamboo blanks in lieu of finished rods?
    I would consider buying the blanks, providing that I could give them all of the
    paraphanera that normally comes with them.
    can you help me on this?

    Thank you

    Fred Monick
    [email protected]

    • Hi Fred,

      Sorry, but I don’t sell bamboo blanks. I only do finished bamboo rods. You might check with Dennis Stone (…he offers blanks.


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