Signature Series Rods

Series-Signature Series 2-sized and cropped (580x437)

These rods are medium action rods with a progressive taper.  They have an incredibly smooth action that makes casting effortless.  They are a great match for many different water conditions and are a favorite choice of many anglers.  From tiny dries to big bugs, they rods will do the trick.  I build these rods with Figured English Walnut reel seats and Black, Straw, and Cardinal silk thread wraps.  They are available in the following sizes and weights.

Medium Action, ProgressiveTaper – $2195

6′  8″     3 wt     2 piece     2 tips

7’  0”     4 wt    2 piece     2 tips   

7’  6”     5 wt    2 piece     2 tips

8′  0″     6 wt     2 piece     2 tips

8′  6″     7 wt     3 piece     2 tips

4 thoughts on “Signature Series Rods

  1. Hi Dave, I finally getting ready for a BB rod 🙂 I am an average fly fisherman as you and Mary Ann know, mostly self taught (to much wrist) but am passionate about the sport and would like to keep at it as long as I can. I think long ago we were talking about a 6 weight medium action rod. I would like your thoughts about rod (currently have a 5/6 # Winston) and reel choices and how to make the rod somewhat personalized as I am transitioning into retirement gradually (turning 66 next month 🙁 All the Best, Chris

  2. Hello, I am a 24 year old angler who is completely new to fly fishing. My grandfather gave me his old 9′ BB Montague and I would like to start casting and catching as soon as I can. Just wanted to say I appreciate your work! ~Cheers

    • Hi Colton,

      Thanks for the kind words about my work. That Montague is a great fishing rod so take it out on the water….it’s meant to be fished. You might find that the rod feels a little heavy as a 9′ rod. That is common with some of the older, longer bamboo rods. These rods often need a heavier reel to help balance them well. Many of the new reels being made today are quite light. If this rod feels heavy when you try to cast/fish it, consider another reel. An older reel might be a good match. Many of the older Pflueger reels are heavier and do well on longer bamboo rods…and…they don’t cost much. Good luck.


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