Spring Creek Series Rods

Series-Spring Creek 1-sized and cropped (580x437)

I’ve designed these rods with a medium action and a full-flex taper.  As longer rods, they excel at delicate presentations typically required on slower, spring creek waters.  They’ll handle larger flies equally well.  If you’re after a classic action bamboo rod, these are for you.  I build these rods with Birsdeye Maple reel seats, and Highland Green, Straw and Black silk thread wraps.  They are available in the following sizes and weights.

Medium Action, Full Flex Taper – $2195

7’  9”     4 wt    2 or 3 piece     2 tips    

8’  0”     5 wt    2 or 3 piece     2 tips


2 thoughts on “Spring Creek Series Rods

  1. I’m interested in building my own bamboo rod…live in the Boise Idaho area. Are there any bamboo rod building classes you would recommend to me?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for reaching out to me. There are quite a few of bamboo rod builders who offer individual rod building instruction….some are good…some not so much. I would strongly recommend taking a rod building class with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths in Bozeman, Montana. In my opinion, these guys are the best around, and Rick does a fantastic job at teaching the class.

      Good Luck,


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