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Finely crafted bamboo fly rods evoke a feeling of artistry, quality craftsmanship, and tradition.  A well-built rod has a soul; a feeling to it that is often difficult to describe, but you know it’s there.  Casting one takes you to a whole new experience level.  My goal in building bamboo rods is to create the highest quality and finest casting rods I can.  I also want to provide you with a fine fly fishing instrument that is crafted from the highest quality materials and components available.

Fishing the Metolius River, Oregon.


My father had me fishing at the age of 3, and I had my first fly rod in my hands at about 8 years of age.  I started building graphite rods in my early twenties. But, it wasn’t until a good friend put an 8’ 0” Leonard Duracane in my hands many years ago that I fell in love with bamboo.  I’m honored to be able to craft fine, bamboo fly rods for other fishermen seeking the same unearthly experience I do when I cast and fish a bamboo rod.

If you would like to talk about finding a rod that meets your interests, you can reach me at:

Dave Dozer

17755 Mountain View Road

Sisters, Oregon  97759


[email protected]

8 thoughts on “About Me And My Rods

  1. Dave,
    I really enjoyed your class on European Nymphing at the this year’s OCFFF Northwest Fly Fishing Fair and Tying Expo. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge. It was a very informitive class and I can hardly wait to go out and try it. Also, you mentioned a person in Portland, OR who restores Heddon fly rods. Could you please email me his name or contact information.
    Jim Maus

  2. Just watched your U Tube on turning a bamboo fly rod seat insert. In the video you use a jig to hold the insert for the fingernail inlet. Do you have any dimensional plans for the jig? If so, how can I obtain a copy?

    Thanks much. Paul Sims

    • Hi Paul,

      I don’t have specific measurements for the jig. I just cut a grove to hold the threaded rod holding the insert at a depth and location that looked like it would work. I then adjusted my rouer table fence to the right position for the depth of cut and the height of the router bit to the center of the insert. It takes a few trial runs to get things adjusted right.

      Hope that helps.


    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry, but I don’t do repairs or refurbishment work on rods. A new cork handle shouldn’t be too hard for one of the guys who do that work. I would check with your local fly shop…they usually know someone local who can help you out.

      Best of luck,


  3. Hello Dave,

    Doug Treutelaar gave me your contact info. By chance, if you use a router bit for cutting reel seats, could you share the manufacturer and part number with me?

    Thank you,
    Dave Blair

    • Hi Dave,

      I use a Convex Edging Router Bit (Item no. 22597) I get from Rockler (www.rockler.com) to cut my reel seats. I did a post on my blog last year on 8/22/19 about this and you’ll find the info there.

      Good Luck,


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