1. Hi my name is Michael w zobrist. I’m 73 yrs old. My mom was raised on a farm near Baker Oregon. My dad from PA. My dad built bamboo fly rods. However he died when I was 15. After serving in the military I continued to fish in the small streams of western Ny and pa. I’ve built an orvis graphite did 9’3 for a 5 wt. but even after all these years I’ve carried a desire to build a bamboo rod like my dad. This year because of covid. I don’t see it happening. But if things settle down I think after researching you would be the one to teach me. E-mail Michael.zobrist@gmail.com

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for reaching out, and I love your story. It would be an honor to help you through your first bamboo fly rod build in one of my classes. As you’ve indicated, everything is on hold right now due to Covid-19, and we’re not really sure yet when things will start to get back to normal. Once things start to settle down, I’ll be looking at getting bamboo fly rod building classes scheduled, and I’ll reach out to you at that time.

      Hoping we can get together in the upcoming months and get you started on your quest to build a bamboo fly rod.

      Best of Luck,

      Dave Dozer

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