Trout Spey Rods

Two-handed casting for trout is becoming more popular over the past few years with the arrival of lighter weight trout-spey rods. After getting many requests from clients to design and build such a rod, I’m now pleased to add light Trout Spey Rods to my offerings. I’ve designed these rods for swinging streamers and soft hackles, and skating dry flies for larger jtrout.  I’ve designed two actions, a medium action with an ideal grain window of 250 to 300 grains, and a medium-fast action with an ideal grain window of 300 to 350 grains.  Both are 10′  6″ – 3 piece rods – suitable for 4/5 wt switch lines, as well as Scandi or Skagit lines.  Both configurations can be solid or hollow-built.  I’ve modeled both rods with Progressive Tapers that have a wonderfully smooth casting action.  I’m offering these rods for $2795 with 2 matching tips.

10′ 6″ 4/5 wt Bamboo Trout Spey Rod.


I build these rods with figured English Walnut reel seats and matching butt caps, turned from the same piece of hardwood. The guide wraps are  Pearsalls silk thread, and I have many color choices.  A custom machined winding check with a matching accent ring balances out the cork grip.


4 thoughts on “Trout Spey Rods

  1. Hi
    I am looking for a bamboo switch rod for trout and med size river and I am very interested your light switch rod. Would You like to write me if I would order one what should I do and of course when should I expect it.
    P.s. I am from Poland.
    Best regards


    • Greetings Michal,

      It’s great to hear from you. At the present time, I don’t have one of my new switch rods built and ready for purchase. However, it would be an honor to build one for you if you are interested. I could get one completed for you in 4 months, by June 1, or possibly a few weeks earlier than that. The cost for one of my Switch Rods is $2000.00 US, and for international orders I ask for a down-payment of $500 when I start the rod. Also, for international orders, I ask the client to pay for half of the shipping costs, and I will pay for the remainder. I’ve looked into shipping a rod to Poland and it is about $300. So, I would ask that you pay an additional $150 to cover your part of shipping costs. So, your remaining amount due would be $1650, payable when I complete the rod and am ready to ship it to you. I insist that all payments be handled through PayPal.

      I’m excited of your interest in my Bamboo Switch Rods. I was out casting one of them just 2 days ago with a friend, trying out different weight lines. We found that a 250 Grain Scandi Style line matches very well with this rod, or a 4/5 Floating Switch line with a 27 ft to 30 ft head also works very well. This rod has a very nice medium, Progressive action that is very light in the hand and easy to cast. It is a great trout rod for medium sized rivers.

      I look forward to your reply,

      Best Regards,

      Dave Dozer
      Bamboo Pursuits
      [email protected]

  2. Dave, The Light Switch Rod is of real interest to me. I have used Pay-Pal for the last two bamboo rods I purchased. Will that work if I order a rod from you?

    All the best,

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