My Summer Bamboo Rod Shop

While I’m here in Stanley, Idaho with Mary Ann for the summer, I wasn’t able to bring along my entire rod building shop.  But, with a little planning, I was able to bring enough tools/supplies to continue building bamboo rods…when I’m not on the river fishing!  I prepared bamboo strips for 5 rods ahead of time and brought them with me, along with a planning form and my gluing binder.  So, I can plane bamboo and glue up blanks while I’m here.  In a little corner of our cabin, I’ve set up a planning table and a small plane sharpening station….works pretty well.  I’m currently planning strips for an 8′  0″  6 wt. rod.  Here is a look:

My Stanley Bamboo Rod Shop

My Stanley Bamboo Rod Shop

My Planing Set-Up

My Planing Set-Up

My Plane Sharpening Set-Up

My Plane Sharpening Set-Up, Sharing Space With My Fly Reels


4 thoughts on “My Summer Bamboo Rod Shop

  1. I’m jealous just a little. I’m trying to build my first rod and you’ve pared down for the road. Good luck with the rods! I’m in Rexburg, Idaho, so you are 4 hours or so away from me.

    • Sam,

      Good luck on your first rod. From there…it’s number 2, 3, and so on! If you’re in Rexburg, I imagine you spend time fishing the Henry’s Fork…a great river for a bamboo fly rod.


      • Thanks. I’ve got several roughed out, several glued up. And technically I’ve got one nearly done, a very short 4ft PMQ, needing more coats of wrap finish. Glued up are one 2 pc hex (Perfectionist), one PMQ 5ft, and probably 4 more 2 pc hex rods roughed, heat treated, and awaiting final taper. I’ve gotten stuck on making cork checks and reel seats. I have no lathe, so that is taking wind out of the sails. Grr.
        Yes, I fish the Henry’s whenever I can. I’m anxiously awaiting trying it with bamboo with my own flies. I also fish the Fall, Teton, and Warm rivers. It is amazing to see the volume of caddis hatching on the Teton sometimes. Sheer blankets covering everything.

        • Hi Sam,

          Looks like you’ve been busy. I can’t say much about your PMQs but I’m sure you’ll like the Perfectionist you’re working on…it’s a very nice taper.

          If you haven’t seen them yet, in an older post I showed pictures of the two lathes that I use. They’re nothing special, and both have a lot of miles on them. But, they do the job well.

          Good Luck,


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