Fishing Bamboo on Bear Valley Creek, Idaho

I’ve had the opportunity to fish one of my favorite stretches of water on Bear Valley Creek near Stanley, Idaho over the past week.  Bear Valley Creek offers spring creek like water for sizable cutthroats, smaller feisty brookies, a few rainbows, and whitefish.  But, fishing there is not always beginner fishing 101….it often can be graduate level and very technical if you want to tempt the larger fish.  Sometimes, you can’t seem to raise a fish, other times, you opportunistically catch a few isolated fish on a variety of dry fly patterns.  But, occasionally the stars all align properly and you slay a big cutthroat like the one pictured below.  But, its really all about getting out with a bamboo fly rod, an old Hardy reel, and experiencing a beautiful piece of water in total solitude…it’s not about the numbers of fish you catch.

A Big Cutthroat That Rose to a Little Yellow Sally Dry Pattern.

A Big Cutthroat That Rose to a Little Yellow Sally Dry Pattern.

2 thoughts on “Fishing Bamboo on Bear Valley Creek, Idaho

  1. Congratulations Dave!
    Beautiful fish on a beautiful rod. What weight and length of rod is shown in the picture?

    • Hi Larry,

      Yep, that was a nice fish. The rod…I was fishing a new taper I’ve been working on…a 8′ 3″ medium-fast action 5 wt rod. I would normally fish a 4 wt rod on this water but the wind was up that afternoon and I needed something with a little more backbone.


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