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Finely crafted bamboo fly rods evoke a feeling of artistry, quality craftsmanship, and tradition.  Casting one takes you to a whole new experience level.  My goal in building bamboo rods is to create the highest quality and finest casting rods I can.  I also want to provide you with a fine fly fishing instrument that is crafted from the highest quality materials and components available.Dave - sized and cropped (580x466)

My father had me fishing at the age of 4, and I had my first fly rod in my hands at about 8 years of age.  I started building graphite rods in my early twenties. But, it wasn’t until a good friend put an 8’ 0” Leonard Duracane in my hands several years ago that I fell in love with bamboo.  I’m honored to be able to craft fine, bamboo fly rods for other fishermen seeking the same unearthly experience I do when I cast and fish a bamboo rod.

If you would like to talk about finding a rod that meets your interests, you can reach me at:

Dave Dozer
Sisters, Oregon  97759


6 Responses to About Me And My Rods

  1. Great looking website! The one day show at the fly shop was such a success you should do it regularly at shops around the state.

  2. Jim Maus says:

    I really enjoyed your class on European Nymphing at the this year’s OCFFF Northwest Fly Fishing Fair and Tying Expo. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge. It was a very informitive class and I can hardly wait to go out and try it. Also, you mentioned a person in Portland, OR who restores Heddon fly rods. Could you please email me his name or contact information.
    Jim Maus

  3. Paul Sims says:

    Just watched your U Tube on turning a bamboo fly rod seat insert. In the video you use a jig to hold the insert for the fingernail inlet. Do you have any dimensional plans for the jig? If so, how can I obtain a copy?

    Thanks much. Paul Sims

    • Dave Dozer says:

      Hi Paul,

      I don’t have specific measurements for the jig. I just cut a grove to hold the threaded rod holding the insert at a depth and location that looked like it would work. I then adjusted my rouer table fence to the right position for the depth of cut and the height of the router bit to the center of the insert. It takes a few trial runs to get things adjusted right.

      Hope that helps.


  4. bill macphee says:

    greetings dave, I have a sage 690 requiring a new cork handle.do you do this kind of repair?


    • Dave Dozer says:

      Hi Bill,

      Sorry, but I don’t do repairs or refurbishment work on rods. A new cork handle shouldn’t be too hard for one of the guys who do that work. I would check with your local fly shop…they usually know someone local who can help you out.

      Best of luck,


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