Getting Ready for a Northern California Fishing Trip.

I’m heading down to Northern California in a few days for a “guys fishing trip” on Hat Creek, the Pit River, and several area lakes.  I’ve been getting together with the same group of great guys down there for about 30 years.  I’ll post a few photos when I get back.  I’m getting my fly boxes ready this week.   Got my stoneflies, callibaetis, damsel flies, caddis, midges, green drakes and buggers.  I realized this morning that I should have a few Tricos in my box so I tied these up this morning…size 22.  Now I’m ready!

#22 Tricos

#22 Tricos

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Northern California Fishing Trip.

  1. Hi Dave,
    How are the water levels in the Creeks?
    Nice Tricos.
    Good luck on the streams. I hope you publish some nice fish pictures when you return.

    • Hi Larry,

      It’s great to hear from you. Fishing here in central Oregon is really shaping up great with nice water levels and lots of bugs showing themselves…we’ve had some great Salmon Fly hatches going on over the past couple of weeks that have had the fish going crazy. I’m heading out tomorrow morning for my Northern California trip…hoping for some great fishing. I’ll be sure to take some great photos to post.


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