New Bamboo Rod Building Apprentice

I would like to introduce everyone to Olivia Elia, my bamboo rod building apprentice. Olivia built her first bamboo fly rod a few years ago, and has a goal of taking her rod building skills to a high level. Olivia is a very talented artist, photographer, musician, luthier, and and fly fishing angler, and you can see some of her talents showcased on her WEB site at:

Olivia has been living in Santa Rosa, CA for several years but just moved up here to Sisters Oregon. Her workshop skills are at a high level, and she has demonstrated fantastic skills towards rod building. It may not be too long before she is teaching me a few things about rod building. It will be great to have her working in my workshop as she continues to build her bamboo rod building skills. Here are a few photos of Olivia and I building rods together in my workshop:

Olivia and I with beveled and heat treated strips for our rods.
Splitting Strips
Removing nodes.
Straightening Strips with the Heat Gun.
Running strips through the Bellinger Beveler.
We’re both hand planing strips.
Ferrules, Cork, and Reel Seats are done…ready to varnish bamboo and tie on guides.

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