New Nets and Rods in My Inventory.

It’s been a very busy last couple of months in my shop. In addition to attending The Fly Fishing Show in Denver 2 weeks ago, I just completed two new bamboo trout nets and a new 8′ 0″ 5 wt Spring Creek Series Bamboo Fly Rod that will all go into my inventory. I always try to keep a handful of rods/nets available for immediate purchase. I’ll have these items on display at my booth at the upcoming Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, California in 2 weeks. Hope to see you there.

New Bamboo Trout Nets and a new 8′ 0″ 5 wt. Spring Creek Series Bamboo Fly Rod.

Traveling Bamboo Rod Show

Mary Ann and I were in Denver this past weekend for The Fly Fishing Show and we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jeff Hatton (also known as The Gnome) and his Traveling Bamboo Fly Rod Show. What a fantastic historical display of classic bamboo fly rods from the past. Here are a few photos:

Mary Ann and I checking out some great classic bamboo fly rods.
Having fun with Jeff Hatton
Lots and Lots of old classic rods.
Jeff explaining the details of an old rod.

Another Bamboo Trout Net

Our friends, Hillary and Keith, came by my shop this week for a visit. Hillary was picking up her new bamboo trout net that I just finished for her. Looks like a very happy angler, but she might need to wait for some better weather to try out her net.

Showing off her net bamboo trout net.
That’s a happy angler!
Finished Bamboo Trout Net

Hand-Crafted Bamboo Trout Nets

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering Hand-Crafted Bamboo Trout Nets for purchase.  My wife challenged me 2 years ago to build her a bamboo net from the same raw culms of bamboo I use for my bamboo fly rods.  It was quite a effort to figure out how to accomplish this with a piece of raw bamboo that is 12 ft. long and about 2 1/2″ in diameter….no straight surfaces or edges anywhere.  But, after several starts-and-stops with my design efforts, I finally figured things out and am now building and selling these great nets that are a fantastic compliment to your bamboo fly rod.  I build all my nets one-at-a-time on an order basis.  The nets have a hand rubbed oil finish, a clear rubber net, and a custom lanyard that I make myself.  I’m offering nets in two lengths, 27″ and 32″ long.  The prices for all nets are $400.  Here are a few photos:

Handles and hoop strips ready to glue up.

Inscription on nets.

Finished nets.

Fall Fishing on the Metolius River

I’ve been getting out on the beautiful Metolius River over the past couple of weeks before the closure at the end of October.  The Kokanee have come up from Lake Billy Chinook to spawn in the river and are very numerous in the shallower areas of the river.  While the Kokanee will occasionally take nymphs, we don’t target these fish and let them do their “spawning thing”.  Here is a quick video of the Kokanee doing their thing:

With all the fishy activity in the river, the rainbows also get active.  Earlier this week, I got out on the upper portion of the river with my good friend and local Sisters resident, John, for a few hours of afternoon fishing.

Dave and John on the Metolius River

The river is pretty small in these upper stretches, and the fish tend to be a little smaller than in the lower sections of the river.  But, I took out my 7′  0″  4 wt bamboo rod, which worked great to high-stick some nymphs through the shallow riffles.  The resident native rainbows were very happy to take my #10 October Caddis Pupa and my #20 Rainbow Warrior.  Here is a nice little fish from our day.

Rianbow from the Metolius River