Inscribing a Bamboo Fly Rod with Pen and Ink

I get asked quite often how I inscribe my fly rods.  I use an old style Speedball pen with an extra-fine tip and India ink.  It takes a little practice and good magnification to see what you’re doing.  Here is a quick video:

My Morning Commute!

OK, the the serious snowstorm that was centered in the Northwest has finally passed beyond Oregon.  We have 19 1/2 inches of snow here at the house.  Fortunately, my morning commute to my workshop is only about 120 feet, and I have a great heating system in the workshop.

And the finished fly rod…

My latest rod is now complete, and it will be heading out to Iowa today.  A wonderful progressive action 8′  0″  4 wt hollow-built rod that will be a great match to Iowa spring creeks.  Here is a look at the rod before it heads out my door.

A nice 8′ 0″ 4 wt hollow built Signature Series rod.

Finishing up an 8′ 0″ 4 wt Signature Series Fly Rod

Just finished the guide wraps on a new 8′  0″  4 wt Hollow Built Signature Series Fly Rod.  The next step is to apply several brush-on coats of varnish to the wraps, and then it’s on to the dip tank to varnish the complete rod.  This rod will be going to Willa, a good friend in Iowa, when it gets completed.  She has big plans to fish this rod on several Iowa spring creeks….it should be a great match for those waters.

Guide wraps ready for varnishing.

Guide wraps ready for varnishing.


Christmas Ideas for Anglers from RiverKeeper Flies

My good friend, John Kreft, has a wonderful WEB page and blog dedicated to fly tying.  He’s an awesome fly tier and has some great information, both historical and for tying, about flies and fly fishing.  He recently posted a great blog entry about fly fishing items for the upcoming Christmas holidays.  So, check out his latest post, as well as all the good content at:

John Kreft and RiverKeeper Flies

John Kreft and RiverKeeper Flies


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