Here is an interesting documentary about noted bamboo rod builder, Morris Kushner.

I’ve never had a Kushner bamboo fly rod in my hands but certainly would like to.  Here is interesting film about noted rod builder, Morris Kushner.

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  1. Hi Dave– just happened to come across your recent post. Thanks for discovering and sharing my film — made as a student at the University of Michigan on 1977. I hope folks also check out the unedited complete interviews with Bob Summers and Robert Traver that I have also made available on the website.

    • Hi Scott,
      An O.M.G. is in order….thanks so much for the reply to my post. I took a quick look at website. It looks extremely interesting, and I’ll definitely check out the interviews with Robert Traver and Bob Summers. I love seeing this vintage footage of the “old-time” bamboo rod builders. It really emphasizes why those of us who build today do it….to try to capture the craftsmanship and creativity that the “rod building masters” had way back. And B.T.W. your own WEB site looks impressive too. It makes me wish I was wanting to take on a film project!

      Best Regards,


  2. Thanks for the kind note, Dave. I certainly wish I could have another go at the documentary from my “later in life” perspective. Especially since i stayed in the video business. Not only was I just a college punk when I made the film, I made every filmmaking blunder in the book! I didn’t even know what questions to ask. But I sure learned a lot anyway. Unfortunately (and I only admit this reluctantIy) I was never hit very hard by the fishing bug. Oh well…

    I must say I learned even more from the short video on your home page. Let me know when you want to make a “real” fishing film– that’d be fun! And if you are ever near Ann Arbor I would be glad to put a Kushner in your hands for a few casts. I still have 2– the one Grandpa made especially for me, and the one he gave my Dad.

    Eventually I hope to bequeath them to the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Vermont. The rods are in basically unused condition and were refurbished not too long ago by the brother of a local Ann Arbor friend (Britt Edwards is the local– his brother is in Colorado and is probably a well know fly rod maker but I don’t even know his name!) Take care– Scott

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