What’s on my bench this week!

I’m busy getting ready for The Fly Fishing Show http://flyfishingshow.com/pleasanton-ca/ in Pleasanton, California in 3 weeks.  I’ll have a booth at the show and Mary Ann will be teaching a few Fly Casting Classes.  I’ve been working at getting a couple of new rods done for the show.  First, I’ve just completed the wraps on a 7′  6″  5 wt Signature Series Rod and it will go into my varnish dipping process in the next day or two.  And, I’m also working on two new 7′  9″  4 wt Spring Creek Rods.  One will be completed for the show, and the second will get completed once I get back.  These are slow action rods, perfect for delicate presentations on spring creeks.  Here is a look:

7′ 6″ 5 wt Signature Series rod just ready for varnish dipping.

Two new 7′ 9″ 4 wt. Spring Creek Rods. On the right, a 2 piece/2 tip rod that just came out of the string after gluing. Next up, file off the glue and start cork and ferrules. The strips on the left are a second rod that is ready for hand planing.

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