New Nets and Rods in My Inventory.

It’s been a very busy last couple of months in my shop. In addition to attending The Fly Fishing Show in Denver 2 weeks ago, I just completed two new bamboo trout nets and a new 8′ 0″ 5 wt Spring Creek Series Bamboo Fly Rod that will all go into my inventory. I always try to keep a handful of rods/nets available for immediate purchase. I’ll have these items on display at my booth at the upcoming Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, California in 2 weeks. Hope to see you there.

New Bamboo Trout Nets and a new 8′ 0″ 5 wt. Spring Creek Series Bamboo Fly Rod.

Traveling Bamboo Rod Show

Mary Ann and I were in Denver this past weekend for The Fly Fishing Show and we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jeff Hatton (also known as The Gnome) and his Traveling Bamboo Fly Rod Show. What a fantastic historical display of classic bamboo fly rods from the past. Here are a few photos:

Mary Ann and I checking out some great classic bamboo fly rods.
Having fun with Jeff Hatton
Lots and Lots of old classic rods.
Jeff explaining the details of an old rod.

What’s on my bench this week!

I’m busy getting ready for The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, California in 3 weeks.  I’ll have a booth at the show and Mary Ann will be teaching a few Fly Casting Classes.  I’ve been working at getting a couple of new rods done for the show.  First, I’ve just completed the wraps on a 7′  6″  5 wt Signature Series Rod and it will go into my varnish dipping process in the next day or two.  And, I’m also working on two new 7′  9″  4 wt Spring Creek Rods.  One will be completed for the show, and the second will get completed once I get back.  These are slow action rods, perfect for delicate presentations on spring creeks.  Here is a look:

7′ 6″ 5 wt Signature Series rod just ready for varnish dipping.

Two new 7′ 9″ 4 wt. Spring Creek Rods. On the right, a 2 piece/2 tip rod that just came out of the string after gluing. Next up, file off the glue and start cork and ferrules. The strips on the left are a second rod that is ready for hand planing.

Upcoming Show I’ll be at.

Mary Ann and I will be heading down to Northern California for The Fly Fishing Show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds next weekend.  I’ll have a booth at the show and Mary Ann will be teaching a couple of classes.  This is a great show with a lot to see.  If you’re in the bay area, I encourage you to check out the show…and stop by my booth and wiggle a few of my bamboo rods.

The Fly Fishing Show

The Fly Fishing Show

The 2015 Pleasanton, CA Fly Fishing Show

I just got back from The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, CA last weekend where I had a booth.  There were a few other bamboo rod guys there, Joe Bradley, Robert Bolt, TC Robertson, and it was great to catch up with them.  I didn’t pay too much attention to what the graphite guys were showing off but I did notice that Echo is coming out with a line of fiberglass rods.  I got a chance to cast their new fiberglass switch rod….it has  the classic feel of a fiber glass rod…definitely not like bamboo but it was fun to cast.  It’s nice to see something else out in the industry other than ultra-fast graphite.  Here is a photo of me at my booth at the show:

IMG_20150222_115000679_HDR (580x327)