More Browns…This Time on the Owyhee River

On our trip back from Utah last week, Mary Ann and I couldn’t resist stopping on the Owyhee River for a couple of hours to fish.  It was a blustery, overcast day but we knew the fish were there.  Mary Ann fished her 7′  9″  4 wt Signature Series Bamboo rod, and I choose my 9′  0″  3 wt Bamboo EuroNymphing rod.  There was no visible surface activity, but we knew from previous trips, the big Owyhee River browns usually like small midges and baetis nymphs.  An Olive #20 Baetis nymph fished towards the bottom proved to be a good fly choice for the afternoon, and we got into a handful of very nice fish in the 16″ to 22″ range.  Here are a few photos from our afternoon:

#20 Olive Baetis Nymph

Mary Ann putting a good bend in her 4 wt bamboo rod

A beautiful Owyhee River Brown for Mary Ann.

I’m fighting a very nice Brown on my 3 wt bamboo.

Here is one of my nice fish for the day.

4 thoughts on “More Browns…This Time on the Owyhee River

  1. Those Brownies put a nice bend in de rod.! Being from the East, I never heard of that river “Owyhee”. Sounds almost like the Ohio. LOL.
    Dave, poking @ on the internet I have come across 2 videos of guys gluing up blanks with with” Titebond 3″ wood glue? What have you heard or do you know about this being used?
    I am preparing to glue up a rod and purchased some UNI bond 800 but they Nelson Paint killed me on the shipping cost. An $8.79 pint ended up costing $27 with shipping.

    • Hi Larry,

      Yep, some builders use Titebond 3 with good success. I haven’t tried it yet. I use Unibond 800 on all my rods, and have used it for many years (previously it was URAC 185). Unfortunately, it is expensive to ship as you’ve discovered. And, it has a shelf life that you have to watch for. The manufacturer says 12 months, but I find that once I’ve opened a can, I really have to watch it. If it starts to thicken or turn darker in color, I get rid of it.


      • Dave,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Beautiful fish, stream bred Browns! They really look extremely healthy. Is that river a local one for you guys?
        About the Unibond 800 I believe it is a very good glue for rods and does have a longer pot time than the Titebond products. Do you store your supply in the fridge? Some time ago I was told by other rod makers they stored their URAC in the refrigerator.

        • Hi Larry. With my unopened cans of Unibond 800, I actually store them in my wine chiller at 54 degrees. Once I’ve opened them, I just keep them in my shop cabinet at room temperature.

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