Bamboo on the Metolius River

I just finished a new rod for Shawn from Portland.  He’s a great angler, and this is the third bamboo fly rod I’ve built for him.  He already has a 3 wt and a 4 wt rod, and this time he chose a 7′  6″  5 wt Signature Series Rod.  I really enjoyed building this for him, and this week I joined him on the Metolius River to present the new rod to him….and fish a few hours.  Lots of bugs were hatching and we were able to find quite a few rising fish, but, matching their dinner choice was difficult.  We managed to tempt a few fish to our flies and had an absolutely great afternoon on the river.  Here is Shawn with his new rod.

Getting ready to fish our 5 wt bamboo rods.

Getting ready to fish our 5 wt bamboo rods.

Concentrating on a rising trout.

Shawn concentrating on a rising trout.


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